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Just kidding, I don't guard my website with an Elvish password. I'd rather we be friends and talk in a language I actually know. Which at this point would be English, HTML, CSS, or Buzzword.

I make my living making things for people to use.


...then write about it here & elsewhere.

Octobribus XII, MMXII A.D.
Ideas: The Force Behind the Designer

Idea-less designers have become the industry standard. A successful designer is motivated by more than time and money. They strive for excellence. And in the design world, excellence is measured in ideas; that spark of creative brilliance formed in the human mind which finds its way to paper and screen. Read More

Augustis XVI, MMXII A.D.
Liya Osepaishvili

Hearing from other designers and learning from their experiences is a great way to grow your understanding of the field. Recently I sat down with one of Blue Fountain Media’s senior web designers, Liya Osepaishvili, to talk about her latest fashion website design project:, home of Mimi So, a New York celebrity jewelry designer. Read More

Iuliis XII, MMXII A.D.
The Importance of
Photography in Web Design

When it comes to web design, a well constructed image will be infinitely more effective than any description a copywriter can add. Read More


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